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Smart4CPPS – Smart solutions for Cyber-Physical Production Systems – is a project created within the Smart Manufacturing working group of "Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia", which uses the Cyber-Physical System (CPS), a pillar of Industry 4.0 paradigm, on the peculiarity of the Lombard manufacture with its excellences in the components and machines production.


The proposed paradigm consists of Smart-CPSs, which not only support production processes, but are also integrated into components, machines and environments. This requires innovative modular digital infrastructures that allow effective management of industrial data at all stages of facility lifecycle, innovative and low-cost smart components, smart machines that evolve in order to maintain always maximum productivity and tools for smart factory.

In partnership with Ratti SpA, Fincons SpA and Università degli studi di Bergamo, the School of Management ( with the Industry4.0Lab) is in charge of the Pilot 6, whose aim is to design and test a CPS-based architecture to track the product over the manufacturing process and to enable predictive maintenance features on the existing production assets of a textile company.

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